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VIIDA - Joy Toothbrush for Kid (S)

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VIIDA - Joy Toothbrush (S)

Specialist recommended that the children's generational toothbrush JOY children toothbrush, is a children's special toothbrush.Take care of gums and enamels with the most comfortable and safe design, with a round and colorful appearance to let baby love brushing, encourage and nurture baby to shoulder the care of each tooth baby's mission!Also keep parents from falling into a "brushing and sawing war" after another. 

Brush head round and small, gentle clean and not leave scale Million micron fine soft bristles, not hurt enamel quality Special high-frequency shaping without sharp material, the use of the process is really reassuring Because of the thick handle of the work, the person raises the comfort of small hand grip Anti-slip convex design to help children master the force points Specialist recommendation quality assurance parents (microcrystalline Silk) care room

Joy children's hair toothbrush special soft soft enamel microcrystalline silk brush brush soft, brushing the brush, brushing the brush can be 45 degrees angle, alignment of gum and tooth surface, brushing two teeth at a time, average left and right 10 seconds, then take the brush to the tooth bite face, hand-held canal only slightly white.Please avoid influencing bristles elasticity by biting, pulling or over-applying, which may lead to hair removal or soft hair deformation. (cleaning And maintenance methods) After use, please clean with flowing water, drain water, and place a vent to keep dry. Do not use hot water to boil and disinfect the medicine. If the brush has an expansion or uneven, difficult to remove dirt, can be replaced.

(points To note for use) Do not use this product for children without adult supervision. Brush material for the soft crystal silk brush shop, brush brushing should avoid biting or strong pull, may lead to hair removal or soft hair deformation. Use this product, if there is bleeding and swelling of gums, please stop using it and consult your doctor. Toothbrush recommended 1~3 months should be replaced.

(commodity Specifications) Material: grip body PP/grip handle silicone TPU/brush PBT Weight: 20g Size: 20x20.3x150 (mm) Heat resistant: 100c Origin: china