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Reward Points & Referral Program

🎁  Sign in before 21st Sept to receive 1,000 BONUS points!

Receive 5 reward points for every dollar spent online.  Just click on the "Star"  icon on the bottom right and sign into your account.

Once you earned 2,000 points, click "Ways to redeem" to receive your gift card. It's simple!

*New user has to register an online account first; Unused Points willl be expired after 12 months. 

Refer and Save!

Know someone who also likes premium products?

Well good news, when you refer your friend to JA2, you can both take $5 off on your next purchase*.

*NB: Your referral reward will be pending before your friend makes the first purchase.

Got a lot of friends?

No worries, as long as they are new to JA2 and willing to register as our member, there are no limit of how many friends you can refer to our website site.

How to join our referral program?

📱Click for Our Facebook Page

📱 中文說明與更多團購限時好康按這裡






How does your friend claim their $5 Reward


*see full term & condition below

Term and conditions:

    JA2 will communicate with you regarding the referral program by email.
    The friend (referee) that you send the referral to has to sign up as JA2 member and make the purchase in order for you to receive the $5 voucher. Before your friend make any purchase your referral will be on pending. After claiming the offer, the referee has 30 days to use the $5 voucher.

To make a referral as part of the Program, you must be a current JA2 member.     The person being referred must enter their name and email address into the referral system before they can calming the referral program with JA2.

    You and your referrals have to accept the Program Terms to participate in the Program. Both you and your referrals must have an active JA2 account.

    The referral reward is not available for referring existing customers (the referral must be a new JA2 Mobile customer).
    Reward voucher is not transferable or redeems for cash.