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VIIDA Chubby Non-Slip Suction Pad

$10.95 $12.95

VIIDA Chubby Non-Slip Suction Pad

Say goodbye to runaway bowls and plates, with Chubby Non-Slip Suction Pad!
Exclusive molding with excellent adsorbability and non-slip design to avoid falling off. Create a space at the table for little ones to learn how to feed themselves, while minimizing spills at the same time.


Product Care:

  • Please clean the product with a neutral detergent prior to first use.
  • For normal daily care, wash with clean water. Should the product be covered with grease, remove with neutral detergent.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Do not use a UV light sterilizer for cleaning. 
  • Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and from sources of ignition/fire.



Non-Toxic Food Grade Silicone


Length 12.5 cm x Width 11.8 cm x Depth 1.7 cm
Diamrter 2.6cm / 11.7 cm

Resistant Temperature

-30°C ~ 250°C

Country of Origin