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Rubber Anne - Sheep Bath Mat (60x40cm x 5mm)

$39.95 $54.50

Rubber Anne - Sheep Bath Mat (60x40cm x 5mm)

The super cute soft algae mat, with a soft Q-footing feeling, makes people fall in love with "feet", 10 seconds of top water absorption, suitable for dry and wet separation outside the bathroom with a lot of water, try it now!


●General cleaning can be done by wiping with a damp rag, or it can be cleaned with neutral dishwashing detergent, and finally carefully remove the residue of dishwashing detergent.

●Please dry in the shade after cleaning, avoid sunlight, dryer or heating.

●If the lotion containing surfactant is used, the pores will be blocked.

●To avoid damage, do not wash with a washing machine.


●The degree of humidity in the bathroom and the material of the floor are different. Although this product is an excellent anti-slip product, you should pay attention to safety and use it with caution.

●It is recommended to air-dry once or twice a week, and keep it clean and hygienic. And, a fully dry floor mat has the best anti-slip performance.

●Do not use for other purposes than floor mats, misuse may cause damage or small accidents.

●If there is a small amount of powder on the surface or there is a phenomenon of reverse whitening, it is the characteristics of the raw material itself, and there is no doubt about the function. Please use it with peace of mind.

●Do not directly contact the product with hot water and water vapor, and it is not suitable for use in the bathroom.

●This product should not be immersed in hot water/water, as it may be damaged or deteriorated prematurely.

●Do not use in places with heating equipment; after normal use, please completely air-dry it and then store it for safekeeping.

●If colored liquid (such as coffee, fruit juice, etc.) drips on this product, it is difficult to completely remove the remaining traces.

●The main ingredient is a composite natural material. When the package is first opened, there will be a special smell of rubber and diatomaceous earth, which will gradually fade after ventilation, so there is no doubt about human health.

●In cloudy and rainy days or when the air is humid, the moisture on the mat is a natural phenomenon, and it can be restored to dryness after ventilation or adequate air-drying.

●If the product is not moved and fixed in the same position for a long time, it may fade, discolor, discolor or stick to the floor. Please be sure to move the position regularly.

Security detection

1. The content of formamide has been tested by SGS, and it conforms to the national standard of CNS.

2. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no plasticizer, no short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs)

Three, in line with the EU REACH product safety standards.

Made in Taiwan