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PSK Q10 Renewing Gel (End Sept Preorder)

$30.95 $34.95

Q10 Whitening Exfoliating Gel 100ml

Metabolize old and wasted keratin Say goodbye to dull, rough, acne

- Rich in trace elements, gently remove old keratin
- Add coenzyme Q10 deep moisturizing, activate the skin
- Crossing the maintenance stagnation period, moisturizing soft and bright white face

suitable for skin types: all skin

Main ingredients: OLIGOGELINE®, golden seaweed, Algae extract, Q10 coenzyme, Polyglucan

PSK Q10 facial peeling gel uses natural seaweed extract and co-enzyme Q10 to smoothen and revitalize the skin. It removes dead skin cells for a brighter, youthful appearance. Ingredients include co-enzyme Q10, algae extract, and polyglucan. Gentle exfoliation promotes skincare product absorption. Fight aging with PSK Q10 facial peeling gel for rejuvenated skin.