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OrbitKey - Desk Slim (Mid Mar Preorder)

$104.40 $109.90

OrbitKey - Desk Slim

Create a Clutter-Free Zone

The Desk Mat creates visual structure in your work area, helping you organise your work tools in a defined space.

Prevent Paper Pile-Up

Underneath the top layer is a convenient document hideaway for you to store loose papers and notes so they don’t pile up around you

Your Work Essentials Organised

With a dedicated space for stationery and small accessories in the toolbar, you’ll always have quick access to your work essentials, whenever you need them.

Cables Kept in Place

The magnetic cable holder can be moved anywhere along the toolbar to keep your cable in place and always within reach. No more tangles or cables falling off the table!

Stays In Place

The felt base has an anti-slip backing that reduces movement and sliding from accidental knocks and bumps.

Reversible Orientation

The Slim Desk Mat can be positioned with the toolbar on either side to suit both right and left-handed users.

Made to Last

The Orbitkey Desk Mat protects your desk from scratches, stains and spills. The premium vegan leather is exceptionally durable, water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

Dimension (Slim)

  • Length: 800mm / 31.4"
  • Width: 310mm / 12.2"
  • Height: 4.9mm / 0.19"