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Mier Magnetic Pad - Shapes Puzzle (Late Mar Preorder)


Magnetic Pad - Shapes Puzzle

Product Description:

The Magnetic Pad - Shapes Puzzle is a great puzzle set for kids to play with and they can use those shapes and patterns to create with imagination! This set contains 37 colourful pieces and each piece is sized with smooth edges. A guide card of 50 patterns is also included in the package for kids to discovery. Our M-Pad (magnetic pad) can replace the iPad and keep kids away from the screen, and it is ideal to play everywhere as it can easily hung or placed!

Our products are educational, fun and eco-friendly!


  • Item No.: ME0532
  • Age: 3+
  • Size: 35cm*1cm*24.5cm
  • Material: Paper & Magnetic & Cotton
  • Contain: Magnetic Pad X1, Magnets X37, Card X1, Holder X1