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Mier Magnetic Art Case - Shapes (Late Mar Preorder)


Magnetic Art Case - Shapes

These educational magnetic puzzle games are easy to carry and fun for play on the go. With the help of magnets, kids can create their own stories and images on the board, bringing their imagination to life. Composed of 70 magnets, 15 cards, and 1 wipe-clean marker, this case is conveniently packed in a handy way and easy to carry around. Once the case is opened, it can be transformed into a large wipe-clean drawing board, allowing kids to draw and create their own stories. Magnetic art case games are perfect for developing creativity, drawing and fine motor skills.

Key features of this kit include:

Perfect for children aged 3+
Made from quality and eco-friendly materials and printed with vegetable inks
Conforms to high standards of safety


Brand: mierEdu
Item: Magnetic Art Case - Shapes
Item NO.: ME152
Category: Creative Toy
Material: Paper
Package: 26.4 * 19.4 * 4.2cm
Includes: 70 magnets | 15 cards | 1 wipe-clean marker
Age: 3+