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Lisscode Smio.V 4 in 1 Facial Massager (End Sept Preorder)

$169.00 $199.00

Lisscode Smio.V Facial Massager

All in 1 Electric Gua Sha Tool with Heat, Cold Vibration for Face Lifting and Improving Facial Contour, Muscle Relief


  • Multifunctional beauty device that combines introduction, ice compression, massage, and scraping
  • Two temperature modes: 42°C warm massage and 12°C chilled contraction
  • Exclusive hyperbolic guide stimulates acupuncture points and improves facial contour
  • Compact, wireless design (no plug-in required) and small size (156g) make it convenient for travel
  • Developed, designed, and manufactured in Taiwan


  • Input:DC 5V
  • Input Current:0.5A
  • Output Power:3.7W
  • Temperature : 107.6℉-53.6℉
  • Charging Port:USB TYPE-C
  • Material:PC / ABS / Metal
  • Dimensions :94.8 x 92 x 31 mm
  • Weight:156g (Without attachments)
  • Origin:Made in Taiwan

Introducing the Lisscode Smio.V Facial Massager - a compact and multifunctional beauty device that combines warm and cold gua sha to improve facial contour and relieve muscle tension. Our signature designed double S-curve massage head is made of high quality zinc alloy and features an ergonomic curve to fit the face and a pointed spot to deep massage muscles. The warm and cold feature can be used to better relieve muscle tension and calm the skin.




42°C Warm Massage

The 42°C warm massage mode helps to enhance blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and increase product absorption for a more youthful and radiant appearance.

12°C Cool Massage

The 12°C cool massage mode helps to calm the skin, ease and relieve pain, and shrink pores for a more refreshed and revitalized appearance.

Sonic Vibration

The sonic vibration mode can be used with the warm and cold massage therapies to further enhance product absorption and relieve muscle tension.





Face Gua Sha

Our signature double S-curve massage head is designed to fit the face and improve the gua sha experience, facial contour and relieve muscle tension.

Shoulder & Neck massage

Experience the benefits of gua sha therapy on your shoulders and neck, increase blood flow, smooth and relax muscle tension.

Acupuncture point massage

Our signature design combines a smooth curve and a pointed end to reach deep into acupuncture points and stimulate them for a more revitalized and rejuvenated appearance.




Compact and Wireless

Our compact design weighs only 156g, making it easy to carry and use on-the-go. It's equipped with a powerful Japanese battery, so you can enjoy the benefits of gua sha therapy anytime, anywhere.

Ergonomics Design

Our ergonomic design fits your face and body, and is easy to hold and operate for a more seamless beauty experience.

Double S-curve design

The smooth ergonomic curve fits your face and body smoothly, while the ridge curve allows you to easily apply pressure to the desired level for a more targeted and effective treatment.

Operation Method