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Lamsamyick Facial Massager

$11.50 $13.50

LamSamYick - Eye Massage Stick

Suitable for eyes staring at the computer, slide the phone or watch TV for a long time, easy to appear dry or congestive use. It can cooperate the massage health care of eye acupuncture point, relax eye pressure while dredge eye periphery meridian and relieve eye strain. Apply with eye cream and gently slide the eye contour to help the cream absorb more deeply.


-Suitable for pressing on eye acupuncture points, iced relieves the pressure on the eye skin and relaxes eye fatigue.

-Lightly dip the eye cream on the flat end, close to the skin under the eyes, and gently slide around the eye contour to help the eye cream absorb deeper.

Material: Zinc Alloy