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Jia - SHARE 2 Aureole Cold Air Diffuser Travel Set 3.0

$189.00 $199.00

Jia - Aureole Cold Air Diffuser Travel Set 3.0

1. No heat or water is required. Keep the essential oil in its purest form.
2. Small and easy to carry on the go.
3. Touch panel with 4 modes.

the song Dynasty was a culturally rich era in Chinese history. Burning incense, flower arranging, tea brewing and paint hanging were the activities embraced by the higher society. The art of burning incense in China was a symbol of elegance and wealth.

Today, people enjoy and appreciate fragrance on daily bases. JIA AROMA series was inspired by the Chinese mythology “Dream of the Red Chamber” and the new aroma collection is inspired by the architecture in “The Grand View Garden ”depicted in the story.


•No added water, no heating or burning required, the safest and most practical essential oil diffuser

•Uses glass, the essential oil never comes into contact with plastic

•Non-dilutive 100% pure essential oil, able to delivers complete therapeutic value of essential oils

• Atomize the essential oil into smaller molecules and quickly diffuse the purest essential oil to the space by the air compression method



Diffuser 10.5 X 5.7 X 12 (H) cm

Portable case 17.8 X 9.1 X 7.5 (H) cm

Material: Glass,wood, motor module


Manufactured in Taiwan 

Use & Care

1. Recommend finishing essentials at once to avoid the inner glass tube clogging.

2. Please remove the plug before cleaning the diffuser.

3. If the power supply or plug is found to be defective or damaged, or if the product has been dropped on the floor and there is obvious damage, do not use the product continuously.

4. Please stop using the product when the power plug is damaged or defective. If the product is dropped and appears damaged, please stop using the product immediately.

5. Please do not take apart the built-in components to prevent losing efficacy.

6. Please keep the product, the power cord and the plug away from water or any liquid and children.

7. Please make sure that the power adapter input & output be consistent with the power supply system. Any incorrect connection will not be covered by the warranty.

8. Please do not pull or drag the power cord when unplugging.

9. Please do not remove, jolt, or tilt the product while the diffuser is in use or the power cord is still plugged to avoid malfunction.

10. Some portable chargers do not support different operation modes on this product. A product might not function properly while connecting to the portable charger.