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Jia - Companion Carbonization Steel Wok 30cm

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Jia - Companion Carbonization Steel Wok 30cm 

Wok is fantastic for stir-fry, which is one of the most essential cooking styles in Chinese cuisine. The JIA Carbonized carbon steel wok is made of Carbonized carbon steel, which requires no preheating during the seasoning process. This is the modern way to season the wok which produce no fume. It is made with no chemical coating and features fast heat transfer. The wok has a large radius with flat bottom which is suitable for transitional gas stove as well as modern IH stove, electric stove and ceramic stove. Resulting in a naturally non-stick wok.

Product Advantages
1. Carbonized carbon steel wok. Modern and simple way to season. Naturally non-stick wok for healthy and safe cooking.
2. Features flat bottom. Works well on gas stove as well as modern stoves like IH, ceramic etc.
3. Ergonomically designed heat resistance oak handle and knob.
4. Lightweight, less stress on the wrist. Perfect for everyday cooking.
5. Made in Taiwan.

Product Specification
Dimension: 51x31.5x19.5(H) cm
Material: Carbon steel, walnut

1. For first time use, please rinse with water. Heat the wok until dry. Add a few teaspoon of cooking oil and coat the wok evenly. Let cool and wipe out any leftover oil.
2. Clean with hot water while the wok is hot and clean with cold water while the wok is cold.
3. Soak the wok in hot water to loosen stuck-on food then scrub with scouring pads.
4. Please dry the wok before storing in the cabinet.
5. Suitable for gas stove, IH stove, ceramic stove.

1. Not dishwasher safe.
2. Not recommended to clean with dish washing liquid. It may damage the surface and rust.
3. It is normal when reaching high temperature, the wok may turn metallic blue.
4. When left unused for an extended period of time, please coat the wok with a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rusting.
5. Water stain may cause rust. Please dry the wok completely. If there are rust on the surface, scrub it off with scouring pad.