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Jia - Companion Carbon Steel Wok 32cm

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Jia - Companion Carbon Steel Wok 32cm

Wok is fantastic for stir fry which is one of the most essential cooking style in Chinese cuisine. The JIA Companion Wok is made of carbon steel with no chemical coating and features fast heat transfer. The wok has a large radius with flat bottom which is suitable for transitional gas stove as well as modern IH stove, electric stove and ceramic stove. The wok features bump texture on the inside, which creates air pockets to reduce overall surface touching the food. resulting in a naturally non-stick wok.

Product Advantages

1.Inside of the wok features bumptexture, which creates air pockets to reduce overall surface touching the foodresulting in a naturally non-stick wok.

2.The wok has been through nitridingtreatment, which makes the wok less likely to rust and no complicated seasoningprocess before use.

3.Carbon steel wok features fast heat transferrate. Large radius with flat bottom, suitable for traditional gas stove andmodern IH stove, electric stove, ceramic stove.

4.Light weight with addition D-ringhandle to reduce stress on your wrist.

Product Specification
Dimension: dia32.5x55(L)x16.5(H)cm, including lid dia32.5x 7.5cm(H)
Material: Iron nitriding, beech, stainless steel, 4mm glass


For first time use, pleaserinse with water. Heat the wok until dry. Add a few teaspoon of cooking oil andcoat the wok evenly. Let cool and wipe out any leftover oil.

Clean with hot water while thewok is hot and clean with cold water while the wok is cold.

Soak the wok in hot water toloosen stuck-on food then scrub with scouring pads.

Please dry the wok beforestoring in the cabinet.

Suitable for gas stove, IHstove, ceramic stove.


Not dishwasher safe.

Not recommended to clean with dish washing liquid. It may damage the surface and rust.

It is normal when reaching high temperature, the wok may turn metallic blue.

When left unused for an extended period of time, please coat the wok with a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rusting.

Water stain may cause rust. Please dry the wok completely. If there are rust on the surface, scrub it off with scouring pad.