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Intelligent - Natural Enzymes Toothpaste for Kid Combo Pack

$43.95 $54.95

Intelligent - Natural Enzymes Children Toothpaste 40g x 4 flavors

✅KIDS& PARENTS-APPROVED FORMULA based on 4 naturally occurring saliva-based enzymes & Lactoferrin. 100% Safe, Gentle & Efficient for happy little mouths.

✅ NATURAL DENTAL PROTECTION against cavities, periodontal diseases, bad breath. Great promoter of Non FLUORIDE Kids Oral Care, Healthy Gums & Teeth.

✅ THOUGHTFULLY FORMULATED - No harshness or stinging while brushing. Leaves kiddo’s mouth with a HEALTHY, soothing, sparkly-clean FRESH feeling!

✅ FIGHTS ALL THE BAD GUYS- Effective Teeth Cleaning, Dental Plaque & Tartar Removal. Prevents calculus formation. Combats Teeth Stains like no other paste!

✅ SAFE TO SWALLOW -Enzymes extracted from FRESH fruits/vegetables. FREE of toxic SLS, Triclosan & Gluten. SAFE for toddlers/kids aged 12 months & up.