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Intelligent - Natural Enzymes Adult Toothpaste 80g (Late Jan 2023 Preorder)

$15.95 $19.95

Intelligent - Natural Enzymes Adult Toothpaste 80g

  • GROUND-BREAKING FORMULA - Based on 4 major enzymes & Lactoferrin! Enhance your oral care with Naturally-occurring anti-microbial saliva components.

  • NATURAL DENTAL PROTECTION – Helps prevent cavities, periodontal diseases, caries AND bad breath. Promotes oral health & healing of oral ulcers.

  • POWERFUL YET GENTLE ACTION – Our active ingredients leave your mouth with a healthy, squeaky clean & sparkling white, fresh minty feeling!

  • FIGHTS PLAQUE & TARTAR LIKE NO OTHER PASTE – Effective dental plaque, teeth stains & tartar removal. GREAT for preventing calculus formation.

  • HELLO, NATURAL & SAFE TEETH CLEANING– Our toothpaste is FREE of gluten or harsh chemicals, with enzymes extracted from FRESH fruits & veggies.