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I Love Kids- ADATTO Kids Chair(End Sept Preorder)

$279.00 $309.00

I Love Kids- ADATTO Kids Chair

***Please note this is a large item, extra shipping charge applied***

ADATTO Kids Chair is a child growth chair designed for growing children. Chair cushions and foot pads are multi-segment adjustable, about 115 cent cent cent cent cent cents tall children can start using, all the way to adults no problem. Because the height can be adjusted to match any height table, so take it as a dining chair, desk chair or living room reading chair is very suitable. Removable foot pedals, according to the child's size and the needs of the occasion to adjust the height, so that the child's feet firmly on the pedal, no longer dangling around, can not concentrate. Buy a chair for a variety of purposes and use it for the whole family. The design of the original wood, anywhere in the home is not sudden, easy to integrate into any home style.

  • Made of natural oak, light wood is a good match for safe and non-toxic
  • The chair surface has an 8-stage height adjustment that is suitable for all ages
  • The foot pedal has 6 segments that can be adjusted and the feet are not suspended
  • Weighing 80 kg, the can also be sat by an assalest
  • The seat cushion tilts slightly back and sits more steadily and fuller
  • The chair cushions are selected imitation linen pattern resistant to grinding cat scratching skin, resistant to dirt good cleaning
  • Chairs can be collected under the table, saving space
  • Choose from a variety of colors