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A well-rounded home cook like you will definitely find a versatile match with the 10-piece Global Takashi Knife Block Set. With basic and specialised pieces housed in a beautiful wooden block, youll have the right tool on hand for any recipe. Made of hardened steel that has been perfectly sharpened and tempered, the Global Takashi Knife Block Set is your guaranteed partner for many years of effortless home cooking.

Key Features:

  • Set includes a bamboo storage block, kitchen shears, a ceramic sharpener, and seven knives in the following sizes: 22cm bread knife, 20cm cook’s knife, 16cm boning knife, 14cm vegetable knife, 11cm utility knife, 10cm straight paring knife, and 8cm paring knife
  • Blades are made from Cromova 18 stainless steel to retain sharpness longer and to resist rust and stains
  • Knives are ice tempered, sharpened at a 15 angle, and hardened to Rockwell C56 to C58 for optimum sharpness and corrosion resistance
  • Knife handles are seamlessly fused to the blades to keep the knives free from dirt or bacterial buildup
  • Dimpled pattern on the handles and the rounded spines allow for better grip and optimum knife control
  • Knives included are ideal for daily food preparation
  • Made in Japan


  • GSF-15 Forged Paring Knife 8cm
  • GS-6 Straight Paring Knife 10cm
  • GSF-22 Forged Utility Knife 11cm
  • GS-5 Vegetable Knife 14cm
  • G-21 Flexible Boning Knife 16cm
  • G-2 Cook's Knife 20cm
  • G-9 Bread Knife 22cm
  • G-74 Ceramic Sharpening Steel 22cm
  • GKS-210 Kitchen Shears 21cm
  • Bamboo Storage Block