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Fairia - Magic Stain Remover

$18.95 $20.00


Fairia - Magic Stain Remover

We know how frustrating when you have the tough stains —from sauce and oil stains to wine and coffee, from your favourite shirts and coats to your antique bedding and linens, one pump this powerful scented solution will effectively remove the unpleasant stubborn stains, old and new. And, they are wash free! Life saver for big things like, down jackets and fabric furniture!

Could be used as dry clean & pre-wash

  • Remove grease & dirt. Incl oil/soil/makeup/wine/blood/coffee stains etc.
  • Ideal for dry clean and pre-wash
  • Powerful odour removal, contains Fairia newest aroma – The white forest
  • Perfect For Down jackets, coats, sweaters, dresses, bedding, mattress, sofa…things that you can not wash everyday
  • Fabric Care Formula, zero alcohol