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Fairia - Delicates Laundry Mousse



We know how tricky it can be to care for the delicates!

This beautiful & luxe laundry mousse specifically designed for delicates wash, can be used on lingerie, washable silk, wool, lace, chiffon, satin and synthetics. It includes Fairia signature Kelly’s garden fragrance.

Our unique formulation contains the latest technology, using enzymes, non-ionic surfactants and antibacterial actives to ensure the thorough cleanness of your delicates. From lingerie to sweaters and scarves, this duo safely removes perspiration, body oils, blood stains and odour, while cleaning, freshening, and preserving fabrics.

Enjoy the bubbles!

  • Care for Lingerie, Wool, Silk, Synthetics & Blends
  • Powerful stain removal ability, incl blood stains
  • Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash
  • Odour Fighting with signature Kelly’s Garden aroma
  • 99.9% kills germs
  • PH balanced
  • Leave garments luxurious softness