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Cuitisan Partition Round 150ml No.1

$21.95 $29.95

Cuitisan Partition Round 150ml No.1

** When using in microwave, PLEASE NOTE:  
Do not use 2 products simultaneously.
Avoid direct contact between the product and the walls of microwave
Thoroughly remove stuck-on food residue to avoid stains or discoloration
Do not use empty product in microwave.
Do not use sharp or pointed objects directly on the products, such as knife.
Do NOT use cover/lid, plastic parts, water bottle in microwave oven or heat oven.
Use the microwave only for warming up the food
Do not directly cook popcorn or melt sugar in the microwave
Do not cover the food with alumimum foil or cling when using microwave
Due to longer heating time, the food can get drier than usual
We will not exchange or refund due to above reasons.
When you wash, use SOFT scrubber. Do NOT use hard scrubber. It will cause scratches.

Dimension: 125 x 125 x 47mm (±3mm). Product dimension includes cover.
Capacity: 150ml     Weight: 121g
Designed in Europe. Made in Korea.