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All Clean - Adult Tumbler (Milk Tea)(End Sept Preorder)

$17.95 $24.95

All Clean Eco-friendly Tumbler

Ultra-lightweight design to reduce walking burden, allowing your feet to feel liberated! The insole mimics the sole pattern for a perfect fit, and the front edge is designed with soft massage beads, giving you a foot SPA with enhanced breathability. 

Combined with the special wavy pattern and waterproof grooves on the outsole, it provides shock absorption and slip resistance for safety and comfort in every step. Seamless one-piece molding, excellent wear resistance, and a variety of bright colors to choose from!

- Lightweight design, comfortable and easy to wear
- Bouncy sole, comfortable for walking
- Seamless one-piece molding, durable and easy to clean
- Perfect for daily wear and leisure travel
- Produced in Taiwan with guaranteed quality.