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A.BROLLY Compact Folding Umbrella - Tube II

$27.95 $37.95

A Brolly Umbrella - Tube II

A.Brolly Tube II is the lightest umbrella ever!

Lighter than your mobile phone or keychain so you can carry it everywhere you go.

Have you ever walked out of a subway station, your car or your office only to find that it is raining hard but you don't have an umbrella with you?

We created this new line of umbrellas that is ultra-lightweight and small enough when folded so people can simply put it in their bag and forget about it until a hard rain suddenly falls.

Normally, what prevents people from bringing an umbrella with them are the extra weight they must carry around and the space an umbrella occupies.

The size and weight allow you to put it in your backpack, bag, briefcase or even pocket adding almost no extra burden on you.

Product Features

Feather Light: Weight only 137g

UV Protection: UPF50+ Capability

Aqua Repel: Exclusive Quick Dry Design

Wind Brace: Special Wind Resistant Structure


Dimension: 22.5 x 3cm (Span 110cm when opened)

Weight: 137g