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A.BROLLY Portobello Travel Folding Umbrella - Mini (Auto)

$31.95 $37.95

A.BROLLY Portobello Travel Folding Umbrella - Mini (Auto)

  • A.BROLLY PORTOBELLO MINI (Auto) is smaller version of the popular orginial version, built to last heavy-duty travel umbrella for everday use. Its ergonomic handle, automatic open close and rain repel canopy umbrella system is perfect for the city or in open fields 
  • CARRY AROUND WITH EASE: it's also a portable umbrella that can easily fit in your backpack, briefcase or shopping bag when folded. Freeing up your hands as well as space to carry the umbrella. PLUS an additional multiple-usage, shock-resistant and waterproof travel pouch free of charge for each PORTOBELLO. 
  • YOU ARE PROTECTED against the elements, rain or shine! We engineer our umbrellas to stand the test of time. With strong reverse-able ribs and tips, PORTOBELLO is both flexible and durable. 

Product Features

Automatic Umbrella: Auto Open & Close Bottom

UV Protection: UPF50+ Capability

Aqua Repel: Exclusive Quick Dry Design

Vortex: 360 degree rotating canopy


Dimension: 30.5 x 5cm (Span 116cm when opened)

Weight: 336g