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Moosy Life Cotton Pad, Swab & Ball Holder (Early Nov Preorder)

$24.95 $28.00

Moosy Life Acrylic Bathroom Organizer, Cotton Ball Holder, Cotton Pad and Cotton Swab

Moosy Life To tidy things up is great, but we even wanna make it better.

My favorite little thing is the best decoration in my space. It's might be the wedding ring, the perfume with similar flavor in childhood. We bring the concept of display into the products. We help you to organize and show the best memory and moment on the desktop. Great space really help us to be in lovely mood, so we also want to help you too. High quality and durable is the basic requirement for us, from the material to manufacturing. We don't talk lots about the technique even we are really good at it.

We believe to make the life easier and full of joy should begin with keeping the desk clean and beautiful. Open eyes n see the beauty

Dimensions LxWxH 14.5 x 8 x 10.7cm