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Jia- Enamel on Stainless Steel Portable Bottle 400ml

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Jia- Enamel on Stainless Steel Portable Bottle 400ml

Enamel on Stainless Steel Portable Bottle 

With special hand strap design

Special hand strap design

Convenient and changeable to take and carry

The strap can be adjusted at any time to pull, lift, wind, hang, tie, easy to use and better to hold. The material is soft and strong, feels comfortable, not easy to get dirty and deformed

Lightweight aesthetics in stainless steel and enamel

The patented technology coats the enamel on the stainless steel surface, after more than 60 processes at 850 degrees. Excellent heat transfer efficiency of enamel and the good thermal and cold insulation properties of stainless steel

Double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation design

Keeps warm and cold for up to 6hours

Food grade enamel coating inner

Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, perfect for all kinds of drinks

The enamel inner has no odor transfer, easy to clean and also keeps the original taste of the drink

Innovative drinking design, more convenient for drinking

The rim is designed like a traditional teacup, which makes the taste more delicate when drinking. Wide mouth and built-in water output control structure, don't worry about spilling a lot when you tip over

The enamel inner releases far-infrared rays

Fast heat conduction and better taste

85%far-infrared rays reduce water molecules, making it easy for the body to absorb moisture and be healthy.

Natural environmental friendly material

Enamel is natural material, will not release toxic substances and heavy metals.

Product Specification

SizeØ7.3cm 23.6cm(H)


Materials:  Stainless Steel, Enamel, PP

Weight 325g