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Adam Elements - CASA Hub Stand Pro USB-C 6-in-1 Laptop Stand Hub (End of Sept Preorder)

$179.00 $199.00

Compatible with the M2 / M1 MacBook and iPad series.

· Specially designed for MacBooks and similar laptops with integrates stand, ergonomic adjustment, and USB-C hub functions.

· With a quick attachment/detachment design, the lightweight hub works as either an integrated part of the stand or an independent device for your travel connectivity needs.

· The plate of the stand is generously perforated for better heat dissipation and reduced weight.

· Compact size and solid build ensure a stable stance in use. 

· Compatible with 17-inch laptops.

· Stable & durable stand allows the upper spindle to withstand 3.5kg while the lower easily carries 4.5kg. 

· The Sleek, lightweight, and durable all-aluminum design with premium craftsmanship.

frictionExtended silicone rubber pads on the surface and bottom add more friction for the stability and safety of both the laptop and the stand.

· With a lower edge of 15mm in depth, it supports every MacBook model.

· 6 multifunction ports satisfy your every need for charging, video, and data transmission.

- USB-C port x2

- HDMI port

- USB-A port x2

- RJ-45 networking port 

· Supports super-crisp 4K@60Hz resolution and HDCP 2.2 encoding for perfect video streaming from Netflix, Apple TV, and more.