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Tips for choosing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Extra Virgin” – make sure you look for products clearly labelled “Extra Virgin” any other name means to products is not the real deal

  • Cold pressed – Choose an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has been cold pressed within 4–6 hours of harvesting the olives as this will usually be a better quality product. Choose an oil that has been produced using the first press for a better quality oil with a richer flavour.

  • Freshly harvested and bottled – Olive oil is best used within 12–14 months from the time of harvest. Australian olive oils are harvested between March and June each year. Look for the harvest date on the front or side of pack to ensure you are buying the freshest and heathiest oil.

  • Buy Australia grown – Locally grown Australian oil is often fresher than imported, as the oils don’t have to travel so far to reach your homes and can be freshly packed before arriving at your local store. Fresher, higher quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils taste great and are better for you, so choose Australian grown products.     

  • Standards- You can check if the oil you are buying is certified by meeting the Extra Virgin grade requirements, look for the Australian Olive Association symbol on pack:

Top Tip – Once opened, use oil within 4–6 weeks to ensure it has the best flavour and health benefits.