VIIDA - Chubby Ula Feeding Spoon - Coral Pink (Early Mar Preorder)

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VIIDA - Chubby Ula Feeding Spoon

A dedicated feeding spoon for scooping up your baby’s  yummy first bite!

Ula feeding spoon is constructed with a protective platinum grade silicone coating, making it highly gentle on your baby’s gums and mouth upon insertion.

Comes in two colors, accompany little adventurer to explore the foodie world.


• The soft edges of the silicone can be used to scrape the remnants of food from a bowl, or to gently wipe applesauce off your baby’s face.
• The bowl of the spoon is designed to hold the perfect portion to prevent over feeding your little one with too much food in one bite.

Ergonomic Handle

• The contoured handle is angled and comfortable to hold for easy feeding.


• Heat resistant. Safe for hot or cold baby puree.


Platinum – Grade Silicone

Stainless Steel


2.1 (W) x 16.2 (H) x 1.3 (D) cm


20 g

Resistant Temperature

-30°C ~ 250°C



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