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Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset

$49.00 $79.00

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Sail the seas in search for REAL Gold Dipped Treasure! The Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship has 25 levels of swashbuckling adventure! Defeat the Monster of the Deep, rescue your Exclusive Treasure Hunter Captain and discover a Treasure Chest inside the Kraken beast! Watch as the chest fizzes to reveal Guaranteed REAL Gold Dipped Treasure! Your Treasure Ship is full of secrets to discover but beware of traps as you search for the hidden loot and weapons! Fire the monster's "Cannonball Eyes" from the cannon! Make the Magic Foam ooze through the ship. For boys who love toys full of action and adventure, the Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship is ready to set sail!

Age Range: 5-8 years, 8-12 years