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Ta-Da Chair Series 2 82cm height (Late May Preorder)

$129.00 $169.00

 Ta-Da Chair Series 2 - 82cm height

Key Features

  •  Instant Set Up: Easy unfold & take down in 1 second
  •  Lightweight Durability: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy material weighs less than 1kg (2.1 lbs)
  •  Robust Structure: Steady & high weight capacity that holds up to 130kg (286.6 lbs)
  •  Ergonomic Seating Height: 50cm (19.6″) above the ground, effortless sit down & quick get up
  •  Solid Seat: Firm seating without sinking in
  •  Versatile Use: Double as a hiking stick that takes no extra space in your backpack

Ergonomic Design

A simple design is not equal to compromising on the details. In order to be comfortable from sitting down to getting up, the seating height is 50cm off the ground, while most camping chairs and stools sit low, so no need to overly bend your knees and scrunch your legs to get up!


  • Ta-Da® chair series 2 is a versatile product that simultaneously provides outdoor lovers with a seat for resting and a hiking stick for support.
  • This design, which instantly converts a hiking stick into a chair with a snap, offers rest for tired legs and knees at a moment’s notice.
  • As a hiking stick, the ergonomic handle with special tilt angles and grain texture makes it easy to hold, thereby reducing the user’s effort to carry.
  • As a chair, with the largest seat among all similar products in the market, it brings in better sitting comfort and experience.
  • Weighs only 990g; Max. Weight Capability is up to 130kgs(286lbs).
  • International standard complied; Recognized by SGS.
  • Product liability insurance USD $1million covered.
  • Successfully launched on several crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter(USA), Makuake(Japan) ZecZec(Taiwan) and Wadiz(Korea).