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Wooderful life - Swaying Music Box-Cat Play Piano 1pc

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Our Wooderful music boxes are made by combining modern design with traditional woodcraft. Through artistic and mechanical concepts, we create lively & fascinating scenes, set to enchanting music.
Starting from the timber material, every music box needs over a hundred manufacturing processes to complete. Traditional and modern techniques are used, plus delicate physical dynamic designs dedicate the wooden products with whole new meanings. Every small piece is carefully shaped by a semi-manual machine which is custom-made.

These exquisitely handcrafted mechanical music boxes will make a ‘wooderful’ gift or souvenir. Winding up this old-fashioned clockwork box will bring joyful melody and movement, touching people’s hearts and creating good memories.

Our music boxes will add a little blessing and wonder to your life, at home, at work, & everywhere!

  • Premium wood
Selections of premium wood from legal forestry culture gardens operated sustainably are used. Each piece of wood has its unique, natural grain and color. The all-in-one base is made to guarantee the perfect melody.
  • Handmade movement
Inheriting the legacy of precise manufacturing skills from SANKYO of Japan, the handmade movements are a sophisticated musical instrument driven by mechanical vibration. Each of them is tested manually with strict standards to achieve the perfect melody.

  • Interesting movements
The clockwork in the movement presents interesting movements. Using physical kinetic power as the foundation, it is manufactured with traditional artisanship to animate this wood product with an eternal new life.

  • Diverse themes
Featured and salient themes, the products provide you with numerous choices for your own collections or as gifts. Playing light and soft music with it, it is comforting and warm.

Music: Schubert-Symphony No.8,B Minor ’Unvollendete
Production: Taiwan