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Stokke® Stroller Seat

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- Raises your baby higher for closeness, bonding & experiencing the world together.

- Ergonomic seat for extra comfort & safety, with hip & head support while leaving arms free to move.

- Incredibly narrow with superior maneuvering from swivel wheels & effortless one-    handed steering.

- Practical to store and carry with easy two-piece folding that  stacks.

- Can be used from newborn with the carrycot.

Raises your baby higher to promote eye contact and connection Softly padded seat fits all table heights in cafés/restaurants Multiple parent and forward facing seat positions An ergonomic footrest eliminates dangling feet for comfort & support An extra cushion reduces the seat depth adding comfort for the smallest babies. A soft environment for your baby, the seat offers sleep, rest, and active positions. Additionally, it is also depth adjustable for newborn comfort. An upgraded footrest has been developed in close collaboration with a physiotherapist to give babies optimal leg support. This solution offers excellent ergonomics by avoiding dangling legs no matter the size or age of your child. This is particularly important when your baby is sleeping and the seat is in the reclined position. To top it off, the seat unit includes an extended canopy with exceptional ventilation.