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Sticks & Sparrow-Digital Blue Light Glasses for Adult

$64.95 $69.95

What is blue light?

Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes.

"Nearly 70% of people experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices." - The Vision Council.

Our Blue Blocker Lenses are virtually clear lenses made with a special blue-light blocking polymer that prevents blue light and UV rays from passing through the lens.

Sticks and Sparrow`s hand crafted frames are constructed with intricate care and incorporate globally sourced, sustainable materials into each design. Plant based acetate fronts are paired up with bamboo temples that have been treated with tints, stains and polishes to accentuate their natural beauty and raw appeal. Responsibly harvested cork is hand wrapped around temples to create a beautiful textural feel and the ultimate in light weight wearabilty and comfort.