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VIIDA Soufflé Stainless Steel Cup

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VIIDA Soufflé Stainless Steel Cup

The Soufflé Cup is ready to deliver a refreshing thirst quencher experience for your kids!
2018 Red Dot Design Award winner, colorful, ergonomic, baby- and toddler-friendly drinking cup is well-prepared for your kids’ needs.
The Soufflé Cup consists of 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel body, PP outer sleeve, and silicone lid. All of which are food-grade, BPA, DEHP, PVA, Lead, and Melamine-free. Bottoms up for the stress-free drinking experience!

Ergonomically designed
• Detachable sleeve allows for easy washing.
• Curvature of handle for maximum comfortability.
• Cup sleeve protects little ones from heat.
• The Antibacterial Stainless Steel can be heated directly when bowl sleeve is removed.

• Thick, high-rim design helps little ones drink.
• Reduce the little one’s lips from touching the PP Sleeve.

Leakproof Lid
• Keeps your little one’s beverage fresh.
• Also works as a coaster for extra stability and snack plate.

304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel • PP Outer Sleeve • Silicone Lid

Diameter 8.0 cm x Width (with handle) 10.5 cm x Height 9.5 cm (with lid) x Depth 8.5 cm

330 ml • 11 oz.


Resistant Temperature
PP Sleeve: -10ºC ~ 110ºC
Silicone lid: -30ºC ~ 250ºC

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