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Solidteknics 24cm SATIN Crepe-Griddle


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SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION Satin Formed Iron Crepe or Griddle Pan 24cm is the first of it's kind! 

Made in Australia this sustainable, non-toxic, healthy and multi-century warranted pan is made from one seamless piece of steel. 

This skillet has a 4mm base with no heat restrictions making it suitable for all cooking sources including induction, gas, open grill and even your campfire

The pan has a satin appearance due to its shot peen finish and the hammered surface were both purposely done to develop and maintain non-stick seasoning more readily

The handle design includes an Australian formed vent to reduce heat transfer and provide commerical chefs with a hanging loop. This pan comes pre-seasoned, however will need simple seasoning between uses. 

This pan is an extremely versatile shape which can be used as either a traditional crepe pan or a griddle pan

Perfect for making breakfast on an open flame on your next camping trip, whether it is a crepe or eggs and bacon. 


  • Diameter 24cm
  • No heat restrictions
  • Australian made
  • Single sheet of formed steel 
  • Suitable for all cooking sources including induction, gas, campfires 
  • Shot peen surface
  • Satin finish for more effective seasoning build up
  • Vented handle to reduce handle heating 
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Non-toxic 
  • Multi-century warranty