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SMARTBOX數學力擴充版 Math Expansion Pack

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"SMART+「BOX Expansion" each boxof game boxes have"1 book"and"1 toy", the book's main character "Abu" will be with the storyline into a different role, such as: captain, architect, children play games, will be more identity, more engaged.


SMART BOX Extended Game History:

It is recommended that children use the SMART BOX series of products, then use this series of products, and through parents to guide, and so the 即可自己 child understand the game mode, you can challenge yourself;

< stage1The story > parents invite their children to be the protagonists of the story.

< stage2After self> familiar with the game mode, start a step-by-step challenge to let your child enjoy the task of playing the game.

< stage3Parent-child activities > multi-person play, the whole family play games together to promote parent-child feelings.


SMARTBOX Mathematical Force Extension

Content Book 1, Iceberg Taka, Character Tumaka

"Game Focus" mathematical power range is very wide, in early childhood,SMART BOX hope that through the game, to establish the child's perception of space, before and after, left and right of the relative position, so as to cultivate children in the mathematical force of the three-dimensional space has a basic understanding. In the expansion version, the concepts of quantitative points, synthetic decomposition, collection classification, and logical judgment are added to increase the breadth of game content.


Product Features

Combined with the story situation, children can be more integrated into the game.

Join the concept of sequencing teaching to guide children to complete game tasks.

Simple play guide, children can also see the picture of their own play.



1書 × 1玩具 = SMART BOX擴充版

SMART BOX × SMART BOX擴充版 = 遊戲加值.思考加深

【SMART BOX擴充版系列產品簡介】

《SMART BOX》系列原有5盒,而《SMART BOX擴充版》系列依照每盒的學習重點,共擴充設計有5盒的內容。每1盒都有其玩樂的重點,多種遊戲類型,啟發孩子的多元能力,你會發現學習比你想像的更有趣。








《SMART BOX擴充版》每一盒遊戲盒裡都有「1書」+「1玩具」,書中的主角《阿布》一樣會隨著故事情節化身成不同的角色,如:船長、建築師,孩子玩遊戲時,就會更有認同感,更加投入。


《SMART BOX擴充版》分階遊戲歷程:

建議孩子先使用過SMART BOX系列產品後,再使用本系列產品,並透過家長在旁引導,等孩子了解遊戲模式後,即可自己挑戰;書中還提供親子同樂的玩法建議,一套遊戲有多重功能,讓孩子越玩越聰明!





【SMART BOX數學力擴充版】內容介紹


《遊戲重點》數學力範圍很廣,在幼兒階段,SMART BOX希望透過遊戲,建立孩子對空間的感知,前後、左右的相對位置,藉此培養孩子對數學力中的立體空間有基本認識。擴充版中增加了數量點數、合成分解、集合分類等、邏輯判斷的概念,增加遊戲內容的廣度。


階段Ⅰ 數量分合〉對照遊戲書,運用數量分解的概念,用冰山圖卡露出指定的企鵝數量。

 階段Ⅱ 上下空間策略〉將圖案分成3層,運用上、中、下,以及前後關係,練習遮檔。

  階段Ⅲ 左右空間策略〉圖卡上有方向及顏色兩種條件,在缺乏規則性位置的條件,進行遮檔。

  階段Ⅳ 條件推理〉依照指定條件下,運用邏輯推理,找出指定的雪人,並進行遮檔遊戲。