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Smart Games-Sleeping Beauty

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Smart Games-Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time…

Discover the magic of the classic fairy tale with this original puzzle game. Can you help the knight reach Sleeping Beauty’s castle? Or maybe you’d prefer to help Sleeping Beauty escape on her own? Try to find the path from the entrance of the maze to the castle…without getting lost!

Perhaps you would prefer to play as the dragon? Then the object of the game becomes the opposite! Place the dragon in the maze so that he blocks all paths to the castle, preventing and the knight and Sleeping Beauty from reaching each other.

Sleeping Beauty includes 60 challenges (30 with the dragon and 30 without). It also features a family friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story.

Step 1

Select a challenge. Place the 4 maze pieces inside the border of the game board as shown in the challenge. Each maze piece features a flower with a different color in one of the corners to help you place it in the correct position. Place the castle on the puzzle piece with the red flower. Place the knight at the entrance of the maze and Sleeping Beauty at the gate of the castle.

Step 2

In half of the challenges you play with the knight, in the other half you play with Sleeping Beauty:   • BLUE ARROW (Knight): Find the path from the entrance of the maze to the gate of the castle by moving the knight through the maze. • YELLOW ARROW (Sleeping Beauty): Find the path from the gate of the castle to the entrance of the maze by moving Sleeping Beauty through the maze.     You are not allowed to lift the knight or Sleeping Beauty. They can't climb over walls.