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Skeeter Hawk - Solar Torch Zapper (Mid Oct Preorder)

$79.95 $139.95

Skeeter Hawk - Solar Torch Zapper (Mid Oct Preorder) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Skeeter Hawk - Solar Torch Zapper

Traditional tiki torches help set the mood while supposedly keeping flying insects at bay. But they’re smokey, messy, and don’t really do much to keep bugs from invading your outdoor gathering. The SOLAR TORCH ZAPPER WITH FLICKERING FLAME from SKEETER HAWK enhances your outdoor space with its warm, flickering glow while attracting and zapping all kinds of bugs, including flies, gnats, june bugs, no-see-ums, and more.

With patented dual-band UV technology that does a better job attracting insects than most products on the market, the SOLAR TORCH ZAPPER creates an inviting ambient glow while putting an end to bugs.


  • Flicker Flame: 60 Hours
  • UV: 5 Hours
  • Flicker Flame + UV: 4 Hours


  • Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Metal Poles
  • Metal Stake & Metal Foot Assist Stake


  • Li-Ion, 18650, 3.7V, 1200 mAh (Recharge Time: 3.5 Hours)


  • Max Height 51”
  • 0.68 lbs.