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Packit - Freezable Ultra Delivery Tote, Silver

$48.75 $50.00

Packit - Freezable Ultra Delivery Tote, Silver

Freezable & Reusable!

Ideal for grocery and deliveries, this innovative tote bag is designed with freezable gel inside the liner. The reusable packaging eliminates plastic and cardboard waste while the tote maintains food-safe temperatures for up to 15 hours!

  • Built-in EcoFreeze™ freezable gel liner

  • 27L capacity

  • No insulation needed

  • No ice packs needed

  • Collapses flat to store in the freezer

  • Open and pack full of frozen and refrigerated perishables

  • Shoulder straps and side haul handles

  • Hinged-lid design allows for easy top loading

  • Patent Pending


34.2 x 34.2 x 25.4cm

Folded: 34.2 x 34.2 x 11.4