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Orbitkey Key Organiser - Star Wars Darth Vader

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Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Key Organiser Darth Vader™

The Sith Lord™ Darth Vader™

Formerly Anakin Skywalker™, a brave and heroic Jedi Knight™, Darth Vader™ was seduced by the dark side of the Force and became a Sith Lord™

Balance Your Force

Journey to become a Jedi™ with the Obi-Wan Kenobi™-inspired Key Organiser, or be seduced by the dark side of organisation with the Darth Vader™ Key Organiser.

You Don’t Know the Power of the Dark Side

This dark side Key Organiser features an all-black leather band, polished black hardware inspired by Darth Vader’s™ sleek armour, and a debossed red lightsaber motif.

Subtle Star Wars™ Details

Inside the Key Organiser you’ll find an extra special touch – Darth Vader’s™ name in Aurebesh, the Empire emblem, and the quote “Impressive. Most Impressive.” debossed on the leather lining. 

Journey into a Package of Surprises

Each Key Organiser is presented in Star Wars™-inspired packaging, and comes with a collectable character card.