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Naso- Air Fryer Pan Set (19-20cm Diameter)

$239.00 $288.00

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It took 2 years to undergo and 7 times improvement from revisions, from L-shaped shallow to L-shaped deep disk, from round deep disk to round shallow disk, from hole lock screws to drill hole rivets, consider leaching and oil collection ... L We abandon the easy-to-deform L disk, we abandon the lower processing costs but will scale the drill hole lock screws / rivets, we know that cooking is changing, not all dishes must filter oil or oil collection, and finally we launched these two, will certainly meet your needs.  

naso316 stainless steel non-fried baking tray set :

Deep frying pan no hole is: all-in-one non-fried grilled plate group

The function is to leave good oil behind when frying: for example, the upper shallow frying pan gas fried salmon, beef ... Leave the good oil in a deep frying pan

You can also add vegetables, eggs, mince ... Put in a deep frying pan with good oil, then stir-fry and continue to fry, delicious and convenient.  


Deep frying pan has holes are: leaching oil does not touch the grilling plate group

The function is to drain oil when frying: for example, you don't want to eat too much oil or buy back fried chicken legs, chicken chops, fried goods.... The oil leaching group is attached to a hole-free shallow plate, which can be used as a PIZZA plate and a pancake dish.  

You can also place a hole-free shallow dish under a deep frying pan to pick up the oil, which is a great boon for those who don't like to wash a pile of pots.