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Minible Q Swivel

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Minible Q Swivel

【72° x 360° dead-zone free microbubble aerator】

Newly designed double joint gives you super wide angle for your kitchen and/or bathroom faucet, a trule dead-zone free microbubble aerator!


【Deep Cleansing】

MiniBle Q Swivel is a thumb–sized microbubble aerator that requires no electrical power. When installed on the faucet, water flows through MiniBle Q Swivel will be filled with tremendous amounts of microbubbles, which enhances cleansing power, bacteria and pesticides removal rate.


【6.08 Million of Microbubble per milliliter】

Through NanoSight tests, MiniBle water contains 6.08 million of microbubble per milliliter. These microbubbles are 500 times smaller than the size of human pores, and can enter deep into the human skin or the surface of vegetable, wash away any dirt or grease, thus achieving deep cleansing.

【Remarkable bacteria and pesticide removal】

MiniBle water is filled with microbubbles that when it bursts, it creates an instantaneous high temperature up to 5500°C, which lasts less than 3 milliseconds and is harmless to humans, but efficiently kills bacteria and breaks down chemicals such as pesticides and detergents. 


【"micro Gas Liquid Mixing" (mGLM+) technology】

MiniBle is the currently the most compact microbubble generator on the market. With our patented mGLM+ technology, we can easily create microbubbles using any household water pressure.


【Suitable for M22、M24、13/16-27 UNS male Specification】

MiniBle Q Swivel is suitable for any faucets that is M22, M24, 13/16-27 UNS male specification, it can be easily screwed on without any tools.