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Mieredu Cognitive Flash Cards - Vegetables

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  • Lovingly designed for toddlers and preschoolers, this set of flash cards on vegetable theme is to help kids to learn colorful vegetables common in daily life.
  • Packed in a handy slide-in box, these cards are easy to carry and store.
  • Parent can read the card and do some fun activities such as recognizing vegetables according the card shown.


  • develops cognition and common sense
  • easy to store and carry
  • printed with vegetable inks with laminated craft
  • round corner cut to care
  • for age 3+
  • conforms to high standards of safety

Developmental Core

  • Cognition
  • ommunication


  • Brand: mierEdu
  • Item: Cognitive Flash Card – Vegetables
  • Item NO.: ME214
  • Category: Educational Toy
  • Material: Paper
  • Package: 13.5*16.8*3cm
  • Include: 15 flash cards with 1 guide card
  • Age: 3+