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Mier Maths Bus (Late Mar Preorder)


We have run out of stock for this item.

Maths Bus

The Maths Bus is a fun toy which can be used to learn maths concepts, such as counting from 1-20. The Maths Bus itself is magnetic and can be used as the game board.

Key features of this game include: • Double-decker bus featured storage box • Magnetic Play • Includes educational board game • Wooden wheels marked with numbers • Made of eco-friendly paper and wood. Printed with nontoxic ink.


  • Item No: ME350
  • Category: Educational Toy
  • Players: Single & Multiple
  • Package: 20.5cm * 8.6cm * 17.4cm
  • Material: Paper, Magnet, Wood
  • Includes: 1 * Maths Bus, 1 * Game Board, 72 * Maths learning Magnets, 1 * Parent Guide
  • Age: 5+