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Lively Living- Certified Organic Essential Oil 10ml - Immune Boost (When buy with a diffuser)

$19.95 $21.95

Lively Living-Family Wellness Certified Organic Essential Oil 10ml (Immune Boost)(When buy with diffuser)


Immune Boost is 100% a Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend.

Family Wellness Collection
When you and your family are seeking focused support in areas that matter most.

Containing only 100% certified organic ingredients, ‘Immune Boost’ combines:
Organic Eucalyptus
(Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf)

Organic Peppermint
(Mentha Piperita)

Organic Tea Tree
(Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf)

Organic Lemon
(Citrus Limon Peel)

Laurel Leaf
(Laurus Nobilis Leaf)

Immune Boost – Organic