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LEGO Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric

$74.90 $79.90

Discover a top gift for Formula E® racing and Porsche fans aged 9+ with this fast-paced LEGO Technic Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric (42137) pull-back race toy car. Kids enjoy an immersive build, crafting all the details of the famous Porsche with this model car kit to build, then recreate all the action of a real race day using the 2 pull-back motors and LEGO Technic AR app.

Using augmented reality, the app lets kids immerse themselves in the role of a top Porsche Formula E driver. They’ll choose which circuit to race on, make decisions about energy management and use their skills to work their way up in the race.

Using the 2 pull-back motors, kids will decide how much to charge the car’s energy before pushing the trigger to see the car race along the AR track right in front of them! The LEGO AR app puts control firmly in kids' hands.

With vehicles that look and function like the real thing, LEGO Technic buildable models offer a fun introduction to engineering and mechanics for young LEGO builders and make wonderful, inspiring gifts for teens and kids - the engineers of tomorrow.


  • This model car kit to build by teens and kids features a pull-back toy racing car with authentic design and LEGO augmented reality app
  • This buildable Porsche model car is an original model replica of the real-life Formula E® Porsche race car, complete with sponsor logos
  • Download the LEGO Technic AR app, scan the model and pull the car back to launch it using your foot & see it come to life in exciting races
  • In the augmented reality app, kids decide how much energy to put into the car before making the perfect start to the race using the trigger
  • The LEGO Technic AR app brings the racing to life. Choose your racetrack and master the art of energy management to take the checkered flag
  • Put your engineering skills to the test by building the race-winning car, then use the pull-back motor and get ready to go, go, go!
  • This pull back toy car makes a top treat or birthday gift for kids and teens who love Porsche race cars, Formula E or AR toys
  • Number of Pieces: 422
  • Age: 9+