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Le Creuset- Fig Collection Signature Round Casserole 24 SSKnob

$449.65 $529.00

Le Creuset French Oven Casseroles are an essential cookware piece for any kitchen. Perfect for stewing, roasting, searing and braising. The self basting lid creates the perfect seal that encloses flavours and aromas when cooking, while retaining moisture and the nutritional value of the foods being cooked. 

The Signature Cast Iron French Ovens featuring an improved, toughened enamel coating, that is more durable, stain resistant and cleans even more easily. There is also an updated, tighter fitting lid, with built in stabilisers which prevent sliding and wobbling during cooking. The lid design has been improved with enhanced rings and branding alongside a more for an even more attractive finish. . 

The handles and knobs have also been updated with handles that are 45% larger handles, making it far easier to carry from hob or oven to table, even when wearing bulky oven gloves. The standard knob on the lid is also larger and made of stainless steel to be more durable, heat resistant and comfortable to grip. 


  • Made in France from heavy triple enameled cast iron.

  • Improved enamel coating that is more durable, stain reisstant and easier to clean
  • Easy grip, 45% larger handles for easy hob to oven to table transfer 
  • Energy efficient- low to medium heat required only.

  • Tight fitting lid with built in stabilisers to prevent wobbling during cooking, sealing in heat, moisture and flavour
  • Durable stainless steel knob

  • Freezer safe.

  • Oven safe to 250ºC.

  • Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.

  • Use only with wooden or plastic utensils.

  • Hand wash recommended.

  • 24cm Diameter, 4.2L Capacity.

  • 4-5 portion sizes.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.