Kyocera Sakura Gift Box Limited Ed.

$259.00 $149.95

Cherry Blossoms, Sakura, are a symbolic flower of the spring and the beautiful nature of life. Beautifully displayed in a gift box, the Sakura Knife Set with cherry blossom coloured handles and blades is the perfect gift for loved ones. Regular retail price is $259.00. We are offering $140.00 including postage!! 

Set contains:

  • 16cm Santoku Knife
  • 10cm Utility Knife

Things to know about Kyocera Ceramic Knife


Ø   Use for straight cuts of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

Ø   Always use with a plastic or wood cutting board.

Ø   Hand wash with water and a mild detergent (soak in mild bleach solution if necessary).


Ø   Crushing garlic with blade. The applying of force to the side of the blade may result in damage

Ø   Avoid  putting in the dishwasher as movement or crowding of other dishes may result in damage to the blade.

Ø   Using on meat with bones, carving or frozen items

Ø   Avoid using the blade to scrape food across your chopping board

Ø   Using on hard surfaces such as glass, plates, marble or granite

Ø   Using twisting actions or bending the blade (ceramic blades are hard and sharp but less flexible)


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