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Kyocera Ceramic-Scissors 5.8 White Blade (Black)

$62.80 $99.95

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Now with a longer 2.7" blade, these ceramic kitchen scissors are rust-proof and chemically inert so no browning foods or transfer of metal ions on foods, herbs, etc. keeping food fresher longer. The advanced ceramic blades deliver long-lasting sharpness and are precisely aligned, achieving clean, straight cuts. Close in material hardness to diamond, the durability of these non-corrosive blades is extremely suitable for moisture-prone environments such as the kitchen, garden or boat. Lightweight and easy to use, these precision scissors are ideal for everyday use. Kyocera scissors feature high-quality anti-magnetic and anti-static zirconium ceramic cutter blades. The scissors provide exceptional cutting comfort owing to their sharpness with high edge retention.

• If blade becomes discolored, use a baking soda solution

• Dishwater safe