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Kinyo - WirelssElectric Mosquito Swatter & Torch

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  • led, night lighting, the mosquitoes are omnipresent.
  • 1 v lead acid battery with built-in capacity up to 500 mah.
  • products with power protection switches, increased security.
  • charging separate charge when charging, ease of safety and security, international voltage 110-240v 50/60hz.
  • high brightness white led lamp flashlights can be used alone.
  • 4600v, double the effect, kill mosquitoes quickly.
  • intensive electric shocks-safety 3-story intensive network, the mosquito flies do not catch.
  • product built-in discharge circuit, turn off the switch and put the remaining power out quickly, increased security.
  • super-mesh design, large catch area, high hit rate, mosquitoes are not easy to escape.

Product name: Electric mosquitoes with rechargeable flashlight

Model model: Cm-3320

Rated voltage: Ac 110-240v

Rated frequency: 50/60hz

Rated input current: 550ma

Power consumption: 0.7w

Output voltage: 4600v

Specification of lead acid batteries: 500mah/4v

Charging time: 6 hours

Continuous discharge time: 20 minutes

Weight: 350g

Material: Abs

Origin: China

Product size: 217x582 x 47 (Wide x high x deep) Mm

Net size: 194x250mm